There is no room for ego here. There is no room for equivocation or pandering. There is only the truth of the vintage. The truth of the genius loci, the spirit of place, and the record of time embodied in the flesh of the fruit. We are only caretakers. Diligent custodians guiding, nurturing, and obsessing over every detail, but ultimately allowing the wine to be what it is.

2014 Ex Animo

From the Latin meaning, “from the heart”, this is our single vineyard statement to celebrate and exemplify Red Willow Vineyard. Our intention from its conception was to craft an authentic wine that is a worthy tribute to the great efforts of the many people who pour their hearts into their work to bring it to you.


Aromatic savory notes of sage, thyme, and olive combine with blackberry, cassis, and barrel spice. The palate presents with a sweet core of dark fruit flavors and undercurrents of fresh herbs and smoke. The wine finishes with great length and fine-grained Cabernet Sauvignon structure. 


2014 was a gentler vintage than 2013, warm and consistent. A pleasantly dry late-season cooling trend allowed a longer hang time on the vine than expected, so that the unique terroir of Red Willow could truly shine . The resulting wines have unusual intensity, elegant aromatics, exquisite texture and wonderful balance.

175 CASES Produced

BLEND | 88% Cabernet Sauvignon | 8% Merlot | 4% Cab Franc
60% new French oak barrels | 40% neutral French oak barrels
HARVEST DATA | Cabernet pick date: 10/12/2013 
Brix: 26.7 | TA: 0.51g/100mL | pH: 3.54
WINE DATA | pH 3.63 | TA: 0.61g/100mL | Alc 14.5%

2014 Ex Animo